Overcoming the Obstacles of Homeownership

Mar 15
Category | General

Loan officers see that, and surveys show, renters often aspire to be homeowners, but there are about five main issues holding them back. Loan originators hear these often, and can help potential borrowers analyze their particular situation to see if ownership makes sense.



Assuming a client has a stable job, the number one issue is saving enough for a down payment. It sure is fun to dip into those savings and have a nice vacation, or buy something you’ve always wanted. That aside, many potential borrowers don’t realize that they can still get a home for as little as 3.5 percent down with an FHA loan. Or if you buy an elgible home with a USDA Loan, there are even zero-money down payment options in certain rural areas.



    The second biggest roadblock is actually qualifying for a mortgage. This is why licensed and experienced loan agents work with clients in putting their income, assets, and employment information together long before applying for a loan. A good credit score sometimes holds borrowers back, but once again, there are programs that can help – ask your agent. Borrowers sometimes hesitate because of existing debt. If you’ve got a ton of credit card debt and who knows what else, it’ll work against you when applying for a mortgage. Given that the more existing debt a typical borrower has, the less they’ll be able to borrow for their mortgage. So borrowers are told, “Pay down what you can before applying without exhausting your assets.” This will also give your credit score a boost!



 The last issue agents hear about is declining home prices. A home is a home first and an investment second. Rates are very low, and expected to be low for quite some time, which helps cover this issue somewhat, but many economists believe that in some areas further depreciation is possible. If this is the major stumbling block, potential buyers should put their finances in order for a possible purchase next year.



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